Proudly a Member of Irrigear® Australia’s leading network in pumping, irrigation, filtration, water and fluid management. Water Solutions Tasmania offers customers access to industry leading brands and products, as well as the latest in industry expertise and up-to-date technical knowledge.

Water Solutions Tasmania was born from humble beginnings in 2001, having developed a loyal customer base over the years & great supplier backup it has made us stronger in buying power so we can then pass on better savings to our customers.

We separate ourselves from Competitors by offering installation of all our Products & Backing them by being a service agent for the Pumps we sell.

The Dab Range from Italy also has an offer of an extended 6 year warranty instead of the Common 2 Year warranty.

Also being an Onga Pump Shop & Southern Cross agent we along with other suppliers Offer a vast Catalogue of Different Pumps, Filtration & Pumping Equipment. Just click on one of the brand icons below to see more Information & ranges.

We offer a Mobile or Workshop Repair & testing service, Together with the Pump Range we also Stock PVC, Poly Fittings & Pipe as well as Valves & Accessories.

For Installation work we also operate infield with a Avant Trenching Machine, Track Bobcat, 2.7 Tonne Excavator & Barcode ElectroFusion Machine for poly pipe sizes 20-500mm.

We are Proud to Offer our Customers a full Comprehensive Range of Pumping Solutions for Domestic , Agricultural , Government & Industry Sectors.

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