Water Solutions Tasmania Pty Ltd

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Water Solutions Tasmania P/L have been a Unique Water pump Supplier, Installer & Service Agent For Pumps & equipment Since 2001.

As well as mobile or workshop repair and testing, we also stock Poly & PVC pipe, fittings, valves, accessories & filtration, and offer a full comprehensive range of pumping solutions for Domestic, Agricultural, Government & Industry.

  • Pump, borepump & water filtration specialists for domestic, agricultural & commercial use
  • Borehole pump & spear specialists
  • Sales & service agents: 1 to 6 year warranties on selected pumps
  • Stockists of poly pipe, stormwater & agricultural drainage pipe with all fittings
  • Suppliers of pop-up sprinklers & controllers
  • Design & installation service available
  • Mobile or workshop repair service
Portable Generator
Portable Generator

The new “Solar Series” models, has been specifically configured for use in off-grid solar power systems. There are some other applications where this 2-wire auto start functionality is necessary, but off-grid solar has the biggest demand.

How it works:

The “intelligent” inverter / charge controller in the solar system sends a start signal to the WHXC8500E-AS generator via the 2-wire connection whenever the solar batteries are running low or there is a power demand peak.

The generator engine will warm-up for 15 seconds before energising the 240 Volt outlets. When this power back-up or boost is no longer required, the inverter / charge controller sends a “stop” signal to the WHXC8500E-AS generator via the 2-wire connection.

Upon receiving the “stop” signal the generator shuts off the 240 Volt output immediately and then allows the engine to stabilise for 7 or 8 seconds before shutting down and re-entering standby mode.

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